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1. seefruit; belonging to the family of bivalves, like clam
2. a womans genitalia
1. gee, your mussels tastes salty
2. gee, your mussel tastes salty
by dutchpantyraider December 10, 2011
When a man fucks a woman doggy style with his thumb inserted in her rectum.
"That chick was so slick I had to keep her in place with a bowling grip."
by dutchpantyraider April 02, 2014
The section of a tool/device directly responsible for producing the desired effect of that tool/device.

With females in a sexual connotation this means the bottom half of her torso, roughly the area between her belly and her knees.
- "Don't let you be distracted by her shitty face. Her business end will do just fine for your daily activities"

- "Watching a girl on all fours from behind gives you the perfect opportunity to admire her business end"
by dutchpantyraider April 02, 2014
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