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The superior way to spell "dude."
J: Yo dood did you do the math homework?
Steve: Hell no.
by Dutch May 02, 2003
Curious tasting alcohol distributed by Schnapps. 99 proof (49.5% alcoholic content per volume...or whatever). Not reccomended to drink any more than a 99 cents bottle you get at the liquor store counter. After finishing your mini-bottle, have some Malibu and Kool-Aid and just chill.
99 bananas tastes like a fuckin' banana, man.
by Dutch May 03, 2003
A waste of time test that instills fear and panic in many worthless teenagers. Those who give a shit not about this quizzical test are the ones to look out for, they should be boned frequently.
Fuck the SATs I just wanna grow up and be a travel bum anyway.
by Dutch May 02, 2003
Can refer to the acts of: skateboarding, rollerblading, ice skating, etc.
John Emig got a slurpee thrown at him while skating.
by Dutch May 03, 2003
In rugby when at least one player from each team binds onto the player with the ball when he/she's standing. They each try and drive that person in the opposite direction. This usually results in a ruck or scrum-down.
That was a nasty maul, my shirt was pulled all different ways.
by Dutch September 03, 2004
Chin2.mpeg has changed the lives of many. Friends of mine have been enlightened after I exposed them to the chin2 fella's. It is a great video of two asian young men (could possibly be in the early phases of being gaysians) singing and dancing to a popular asian song called "Jung Hwa Ban Jum." It's about a chinese restaurant but its in Korean or something. Search google to download it, you will not regret it!
I showed Cait chin2.mpeg and she appreciated the fact it comprised of two half-naked, young Korean boys making asses out of themselves.
by Dutch May 03, 2003
Coconut rum. Tastes really good for liqour.
At JB's house party, we continously drank Malibu since 1:30 p.m.
by Dutch May 03, 2003
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