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expletive often used by supervillains who have seen their evil plots and schemes foiled or sabotaged. see also curses!
drats! those meddlesome do-gooders have somehow reversed the effects of my shrink ray!
by dusty ocean December 29, 2004
an antisocial and/or alcoholic librarian that works - and frequently masturbates - in the stacks of large public and university libraries.
I went to the world civilization stacks on the third floor and could have sworn a minotaur was spying from two stacks over.
by dusty ocean December 29, 2004
niggas know, spelled backwards, often said to evade FCC restrictions.
dj: you should all drop out of school and attempt to pursue a career in professional sports or the recording arts. WONKSAGGIN!
by dusty ocean December 30, 2004
Refers to Peeksill, a city an hour north of New York City, the fulcrum upon which the turbulent worlds of downstate and upstate New York are balanced. Living in the Skill and negotiating the intersections of these diametrically opposite galaxies requires unbelievable talent, cunning, and, yes, Skill.
a: Elton Brand he got Skill
b: No doubt, my man is from the Skill
a: Let's throw some weed into that newport light
by dusty ocean December 29, 2004
A term for when a person or product is outcompeted, marginalized or eradicated by an inferior competitor or opponent through bad luck, conspiracy, the ignorance of man or the cruel indifference of Marduk, the Babylonian God of harbors and mischief.
father: "fuck, first caldor goes the way of the turbo graphics 16 and now i have to buy my zoobas at target?"

son: "is that why you beat the shit out of me and mommy?"
by dusty ocean December 30, 2004
Moss Man was a soulful dude, a good friend and valuable ally to He-Man. His shaggy mane of green moss was perfect camoflage in Evergreen Forest, where he was part forest ranger, part marijuana cultivator (he called it "hemp" in the television show), and an ever-vigilant scout warning He-Man of Skeletor's encroachments onto the forest. He is also thought to be brothers with Beastman, who unfortunately lacks his love of nature, reggae music and peace.

Today, ecologically-conscious and outdoor adventure-y black men with green skin and mosslike hair are often referred to as "moss men."
You want to go out to New Paltz and go hiking and get real moss man, mon?

I and I is always smoking the ganja like moss man.
by dusty ocean December 30, 2004
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