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When the chick craps in a martini shot glass then mixes it with Jose Cuervo then makes the dude take it as a body shot out of her regions.
Bob- How'd the drinking games go last night?
Al- I won, but at the end Kari gave me a Crafty Veteran.
by Dusty Cox March 15, 2009
One who breaks into a bathroom immediately after the inhabitant has taken their poop and proceeds to beat the pooper unconcious then steal the poop. When the subdued pooper wakes he will find he was a victim of the poop goblin.
Al (waking up on bathroom floor)- What? Where am I?
(looks in empty toilet)
Al- Ahh! The poop goblin has struck again!
by Dusty Cox August 11, 2009
The act of giving/recieving a rimjob while listening to an R.E.M track played very loudly.
Al- (muffle muffle)
Kari- What? Can't hear you, you gotta yell!
(blasting)Its the end of the world as we know it, it's the end of the world as we know it.....................
Kari- Ohhhh great R.E.M. job
by Dusty Cox November 27, 2009
When grinding, only paying attention to the chick in front of you and not lookin around at other couples (or sandwiches) grinding around you.
Al (grinding Kari, talking to Lyle, who is grinding Lena)- Pretty great party, right?
Lyle- I can't hear you. I'm Grinding my own Business right now.
by Dusty Cox December 01, 2009
When you cum in the chicks mouth then slap her across the face with your wallet.
Kari- My mouth still hurts from yesterday.
Mrs. Stratton- What hapened?
Kari- Al gave me some french backwash after i gargled his marbles.
by Dusty Cox July 21, 2009
The dude puts chap stick up the librarian's vagina and plays it like a trombone until his lips become unchapped.
Librarian Cari- Do you still have those cold-sores?
Al- Yea, they hurt really bad.
Cari- OK, just come with me and I'll give you some of my Ol' Tuba Lips.
by Dusty Cox March 20, 2009
When you sprinkle cocaine and paint chips between the chicks tits, then have the dude snort them out.
(2 burglars are trying to break into a warehouse)
Al- There's a trooper guarding the door!
Kari- I'll seduce him with a Dusty Cat.
by Dusty Cox July 21, 2009

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