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1. A person who is a total poser that shops at either Abercrombie, Hollister, Victoria's Secret, Ruehl, Lacoste, or American Eagle on a regular basis.
2. Someone who uses ditxy phrases like "watevs" and "lyk".
3. A complete bitch whp has nothing better to do with her life but shop at Abercrombie ad talk about how sensitive they are and talk about their friends behind their backs.
4. Someone who is popular(or thinks they're popular)and thinnks everyone should worship the ground they walk on.
5. A person who has nothing better to do than try and gainpopularity by gossiping and shopping.
6. Someone who feels the need to apply lip gloss at least 15 times every three minutes.
7. someone who cannot go two minutes without saying "like or "omigosh" in every sentence.
Brittany: Hey Angela!!! Did you, lyk, hear that Hollister is, lyk, having a sale today!
Angela: Omigosh! Lyk, we sooo have to go there, cuz i just got $500 from my daddykins and now i can lyk so buy that pair of socks i wanted!
brittany: No way! They are lyk soooo cute-a-licious!
Angela: An toh-tally ah-dor-ah-bly preppy! I lyk luv being a brain-dead prep!
Brittany: Omigosh me too
"That girl is such a prep."

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