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ppl who think they're better than everyone because they reject "mainstream" music and listen to indie and pop. they love to use a lot of big words to make themselves feel better than everyone.they dont really care about how they look or staying in shape even if there nut hugger skinny jeans and tight v necks make them look gay and destroy there sperm.some of the men wear unisex clothing and sometimes even women clothing which is pretty gay to me.they like to also wear glasses and sunglasses. try to act like they appreciate art and photography.not all hipsters are jerks but some are pretty snobby and think highly of themselves and have know it all syndrome and love talking shit about other sub cultures like hip hop because they will never understand it or probly didnt fit in and are too soft to actually fight. they also like to buy a lot of expensive things which ppl can sometimes get confused with hypebeast but they are actually pretty different.the men usually have bangs that look pretty emo like green day.some hipsters will actually deny that they are hipsters
Guy 1- "check out the curves on that chick"

Guy 2- "WTF man? thats a fuckin dude!"

Guy 1- "shit nigga fuckin hipsters and their damn gay tight clothing!"
by durdy deedz June 19, 2011

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