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basically someone who is full of beans! Will keep your remote control running for years. definatley a Poser. Likes to go clubbing in the Garage and campus and will keep goin till the early hours of the morning! Likes coffee. Charming. Gets kicked out of clubs. Cousins girlfriends doesnt like him(YET). Loves pizza. Generous and likes to give to charity and gives time to other people. Gives his body to many people (unlucky in love :() thinks he made up yes or no, but really we did! HE bounces it better than most people....wooooooooooooo! Wearing a green t-shirt. bEST BUDS with JT :D thinks i have the best comfy handshake ever! only likes chips and cheese from diablero's.
johnny duracell can go all night!!!
by duracellbunny July 04, 2009

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