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1. a bear which forsakes its natural food source for foraging in dumpsters.

2. a sparing person who prefers to eat food which is no longer fresh or is past its expirion date, rather than discarding it.
"Why did you throw away my lunch leftovers?"
"Because they were in the fridge for three weeks now!"
"But they were still edible!"
"I wound't marry you if I knew you are such a dumpster bear."
by dumpsterbear January 08, 2010
1. slutty women good with words, surprisingly eloquent skanks, 2. eclectic writers, word lovers
Girls 1: You are such bitches. Girls 2: But at least we are ho's with prose.
by dumpsterbear May 14, 2011
unhygienic butt crack, butt cleavage, totally disgusting ass.
I almost puked when I saw his anal butt trench.
by dumpsterbear May 14, 2011
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