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Malaysian/Singapore Hokkien word meaning, "fuck your mother".
Hey Ivan, kaninabu chow cibai! (Go and fuck your mother's smelly pussy!)
by dukuhead February 01, 2007
cleanest alternative to fossil fuels with zero emissions but not yet commercially viable to be applied on a widescale. High capital outlay needed, maintenance is cheap or minimal. More research required as to efficient batteries that can store solar power during overcast days. The power of the future! Bye bye oil.
Solar power = fresh air, no greenhouse effects, no nasties
by dukuhead February 01, 2007
the cumulative effect of 200-odd years of industrialisation and thinking that we're (the human race) smart. Fossil fuels should be banned!
If we're so smart at using dirty fuels and creating the greenhouse effect, we can be smart enough to use solar energy like the plants do and reverse the greenhouse effect.
by dukuhead February 01, 2007
honest guy. He taught himself to write eventhough his parents were too poor to send him to writing school or university for that matter.
Bukowski tells them as they are and not as what he wants them to be.
by dukuhead June 26, 2007
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