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derived from a state-of-liciousness; adj. beautiful, handsome, guapo, (lindo) very good-looking, attractive.
so beautiful they must be from Pandora, skillful in movement and posture.

criteria: unlike "bootylicious," more than one or two feature(s) must be bold or beautiful. also: an idea or concept can be so great... it's Na'vilicious.
That duke... he's so tall, big feet, broad shoulders; he's got big ears... but, mmm, just Na'vilicious.

Oye... man, did you see who just walked in the door. Tall, long braided hair, wide hips... I've got blue balls... she so Na'vilicious.

pronounced: Nah vah lish ous - (nah - və - li - shuss)
water (wAH tur) - ah
sofa (soh fə) - ə
fit (fIt) - i
tension (ten SHuhn) - sh
cut up (cUHt UHp) - u
cell (Sell) - ss
by dukelicious January 08, 2010

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