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a quote or phrase which is said that is said to be in the style of Gill Grissom.
"John Webster said "Death has many doors to let out life", now lets see which one our victim took"
by duke of earl January 29, 2005
A great man who was never tempted in the same way as jacko. He is undisputed king of Rock 'n' Roll. Basically holds all the records in music and is still number 1 in UK charts to this day.

Only bad point is that he was American.
o look He's number 1 again
by Duke of Earl January 31, 2005
Not a castle, a fortified stately home, located in the vast Margam Park Estate which stretches to Bridgend in the east and has on its western periphery, the ancient village of Neath.

The Castle itself is the official residence of the High Sheriff of Wales.

More recently it has been used as one of the official summer residences of Her Majesty the Queen.
"the High Sheriff resides at Margam Castle"
by duke of earl January 28, 2005
A little village called Moatown which is found in the sunny Amman valley. It is located on the Carmarthenshire/Neath Port Talbot frontier.
"Moatown has a moat"
by duke of earl January 26, 2005
A rather small, pathetic village located in the Swansea vally, S. Wales. Lovingly refered to as Ponty by locals, although the real Ponty is, as we all know, Pontypridd, which is further west. The only good thing to highlight about this village is that I (rather thankfully) do not live there.

The focal point of this vilage is undoubtedly the chippie offering the best chips in the Swansea area.
"I'm going to Pontardwe to be bored"
by Duke of Earl January 28, 2005
Babooshka babooshka babooshka yah yah yah!
"Babooshka Babooshka Babooshka yah yah yah!"
by duke of earl January 27, 2005
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