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1. The obnoxious sound of someone talking far too loudly on a cell phone in public, without regard for those around him.

2. A person who speaks loudly on a mobile phone, hoping that those around him will be impressed.

2. A particularly harsh or inappropriate ringtone that is set at a volume level so high it can be heard across a busy street. Perhaps used to draw attention to the phone's owner, who likely doesn't get any otherwise.
The cacophonie coming from the guy on the phone at the next table became so irritating that I had to ask the waiter to move our party across the restaurant.
by duhnb August 23, 2011
The experience, usually increasing in frequency with advancing age, of having only a hazy recollection of something that occurred, rendering the person unsure if the event actually happened or is only imagined.
At first I was fairly sure that I had mailed in the payment, but after further thought I realized that I may have fogotten to.
by duhnb August 19, 2011
One who spends an inordinate amount of time using, and therefore is especially adept at using, a smartphone to lookup information on an instant's notice. Often knows more about how to use someone's phone than the owner himself.
My sister Mary is a real phonie. No matter what you need to know, she can find it in seconds using her iPhone.
by duhnb August 19, 2011

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