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Tac Dummy, (n).A type of sex doll highly prized in the San Jose area, but not always called a 'tackle' dummy. An assemblage of laundry and sheets or blankets or pillows made to roughly resemble a humanoid form used for sexual gratification. Originally rumored to have started in the Bay Area near San Jose, but nobody is sure exactly where. The tac dummy has either a vagina made of socks wrapped around a shirt or flipped, or a penis made of wrapped shirt or some other object, depending on the user's preference. The typical basic model takes about 45 minutes to assemble, so most guys will just forget it and poke a hole in a pillow or rub a nut on a sock. Disposing of the jizz in the sock can be done easily via hamper.
Daryl.: Hey Max, did you try that new doll last night?
Max: You mean the tac dummy? Yeah, it was okay.
Daryl: Well last week mine chafed. I have to remember not to get the sock pussy wet before I nut in it.

Max: Eew, that's gross.
by duggyfuurt33 June 18, 2011

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