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1) when someone is talking about something that nobody cares about and is giving to much information

2) when someone is talking and you say "shut up" just quiet enough for them to not hear it but they ask "what did you say?"

(usually said calmly. not exclaimed and never to loud. UNLESS they ignore you then you say it louder.)
dude 1: I have to go the play after school because my teacher said she'd give me extra credit, and I need it because I'm failing and my dad says--

dude 2: shut up.

dude 1 : that I wont get my lisence if I dont pass--

dude 2: shut up!

mother: I have a list of chores for you to do that I left on the counter and I want them--

me: shut up.

mother: done when... what did you say?

me: whaa?
by duffffmaann May 22, 2010

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