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2 definitions by dudley7770

Igoo is the filmy, slimy, smeary gunk that builds up on your i-devices, blackberry, ipad, iphone, touch screen that you must wipe off periodically so as not to appear like a greasy faced person
"Dude, the igoo on your phone is gro-wiss"

My phone is covered in igoo so I need to rub it on my pants.
The igoo on my ipad is so thick and juicy that I need a towel and window cleaner
by dudley7770 August 30, 2011
Make something more robust; Improve something so that it stands out from the mundane.
Give credence to an idea that should be carried forward as awesome
This is a weak argument you are presenting, intern blah-de-blah.

I want you to go back and robustify this before I present it to the board for approval
by dudley7770 August 30, 2011