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I don't know whether to fear a bunch of ragtag freedom fighters from another country, or my own government's 1984-style policies.
We are waging a war on terror and we don't even know who the fuck the real enemy is.
by Dudley October 08, 2003
"i'm back", normally used after brb
ack: brb
dudley: k, l8r
ack: imb
by dudley December 06, 2003
These are relatives in your immediate and extended family. These include brothers, and sisters; cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.
At the family reunion I chill with my kinfolk
by Dudley October 19, 2003
Bitch owner of dudley
<Kat_3y3z> Shut up, you're my bitch
<dudley> I know :D
by dudley August 14, 2004
the art of not being stoned.

zober is to stoned
sober is to drunk
God damn, I only just became zober.
by dudley November 18, 2004
The concept and theory of Linux was really good. The only problem is that most people who develop the code and software for Linux shouldn't even be allowed anywhere near a computer in the first place, because they seriously need to understand the concept of user-friendliness. In a world where technology changes rapidly, the cumbersome command-line terminal has now been replaced by a mouse cursor, and tasks that once took hours of typing can be completed with a few clicks of a mouse. Unfortunately, many Linux programmers refuse to accept that technological change can be good for their favorite operating system, and as a result, they scratch their heads and wonder why Linux is not being adopted by the "stupid masses" as quickly as they predicted.
To all Linux fanboys, the reason why Tux is taking very long to become a household name is not because the users are stupid or "n00b"s or "trolls". It is because there is some major flaw in the Linux design which keeps the end user from picking it up, trying it out, and maybe even offering feedback on how to improve it. After all, software is only as good as the one who programs it.
by Dudley October 08, 2003

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