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he is one of the members from the hit band JUSTICE, from france speaks englidh pretty well and is awsome.
Xavier de Rosnay is cool and plays music
by dudeman1995 April 21, 2009
The All yellow guy In Daft Punk.
Born In France With Best Friend Thomas Bangalter,Also Did A Group Called Le Knight Club.
Guy Manuel De Homem Christo was in daft punk and knight club
by dudeman1995 April 16, 2009
the all silver robot from Daft Punk.
He also did a cameo in Kanye West's Stronger Where Kanye Sampled From DAft Punk's Harder Better Faster Stronger.
Thomas Bangalter is Awsome for being in Daft Punk!
by dudeman1995 April 16, 2009
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