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Bald, potato-like character in the popular soap Eastenders. Not to be confused with any members of Right Said Fred. Punches someone at least once in every episode, avoids jail purely because he is better than Ian Beale at everything.

Has a brother called Grant who looks mildly like a homosexual potato.
Phil Mitchell looks like a potato
by dubya_is_wracked_lol August 04, 2006
a rubbish slang term used by folk who really don't care. commonly seen on the internet or in text messages. shortening of the phrase "laugh out loud" which no-one on the planet has ever actually said, which begs the question, "why?"
Person 1 "I'm dying"

Person 3 "lol kk"
by dubya_is_wracked_lol August 04, 2006
To be in an inebriated state of drunkeness, but still able to form a sly grin and light a cigarette to impress your friends. Put more simply, another way of saying "I'm wasted".

Can also be used when not drunk at all purely for humour value, or in anticipation of a drinking session.
"A wracked lid, Storm over 21's aye? See ye"
by dubya_is_wracked_lol August 04, 2006

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