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A place in southern california that has expensive, large houses, great beaches, bitchy spoiled rich teenagers driving beamers, and excellent schools. A classic "sleepy town" where there is little entertainment and almost no excitement. The cops here are usually overpaid, and will ticket you for nearly anything. The people are for the most part asian and white, with some mexicans mixed in. People living in the richer part of palos verdes (palos verdes estates) are snobby, rich, and bitchy. The people of the less wealthy communities, (Rancho Palos Verdes) are generally better spirited and have better behaved teenagers. Overall, Palos verdes is a place that is rich, boring, and safe. Good place to grow up, if you are planning on going to college or staying out of trouble.
Guy 1: "dude i just got back from palos verdes to visit my parents."

Guy 2: "How was it? Pick up any chicks?"

Guy1: "I would've if there were any decent bars or nightclubs around, but the old asian and white dudes would have complained bitterly if anyone tried to open one up."
by dublincatfish July 10, 2008
A retarded yellow sponge that is most likely homosexual. The network "nickelodeon" started running the show when it sold out and started airing programs meant to keep small kids between the ages of 4-10 busy.
steve: I wanted to tear my eyes out. My 7-year-old cousin was watching spongebob squarepants when i came home.

joe: That's rough, man. I feel bad for you.
by dublincatfish July 10, 2008
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