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a word that dublevision and hoody invented during a language inventing conversation
it is 100% copyrighted
thats bolljollox
i think you should bolljollox it
bolljolloxing good fun that!
by dublevision January 14, 2005
the emoticon on msn that rolls its eyes is the symbol for this bizarre creature. it is believed to be found in manchester and has a pomal relative that can be found natively in stoke-on-trent
no example can be given to explain this creature
by dublevision May 27, 2004
partaking in weed smoking and eating pancakes
you wanna schmock and a pancake tonight?
by dublevision February 21, 2004
an organisation
it stands for the beans on toast appreciation society

members include:
um...la la
tidy stomper
tidy convert
i am a member of botac
by dublevision January 20, 2005
this has two meanings, it is the language of people who take drugs.

its is also another word for ketamine use.
"pass the ruffiniser so i can shwoop shwoop de woop the schnoodle"

"are we schnoodling tonight?"
by dublevision February 21, 2004

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