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1 definition by duaifuindfgunsdiuganfuidfn

One of Scotland's Old Firm clubs. Founded by Brother Walfrid, a Catholic priest who started the club in order to raise money for the poor and oppressed Irish/Catholic immigrants in Glasgow. Constantly shamed by rivals Rangers FC, whose repeated racist and heavily sectarian chanting at matches has led to UEFA punishments, but Celtic supporters are best known for their "Greatest Fans in the World" title given them after UEFA gave them the Fair Play award for their spectacular support, something never before given to a fan base. Despite this, Celtic are accused by Rangers of singing sectarian songs at matches (even though the songs are actually political and sectarianism is only used because the accusers do not know the difference). Though there are small factions of Celtic supporters who do this, the vast majority have nothing to do with it, a somewhat different situation than their famous rivals. Celtic was the first team to win the European Cup from Britain, in 1967, and did so famously with 11 men all born within 20 miles of their stadium, Celtic Park, a feat surely never to be matched. That team is called the "Lisbon Lions" named for the city in which they lifted the trophy, beating Inter Milan 2-1. They are the current reigning champions in the Scottish Premier League and have won the competition
The Celtic Football Club is the only Scottish side to win the European Cup.
by duaifuindfgunsdiuganfuidfn September 18, 2006
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