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Simply put, it's a shortened version of FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU. 7 F's and 12 U's. Any more than that and you're doing it wrong.
Waiter: What would you like to drink sir?
You: I'll have a coke, my good man. Shaken, not stirred.
Waiter: Dreadfully sorry my lord, we only have Pepsi.
You: ...
You: .....
You: F7U12 D:<
by dsnchntd September 11, 2010
Each and every week, without fail, so long as reddit exists, there will be a Star Wars related story on the front page.
Frequency of types of content on reddit front page.

11/2010: 23% self stories 15% politics 32% cats 31% omgstarwars

Frigg's law
by dsnchntd November 09, 2010
In Your Face You Ugly Shit. Commonly used in British chat rooms.
<Mr_Joe> I bet you don't have a penis
<Karekon> I HAVE 50
<Karekon> IYFYUS
by dsnchntd July 28, 2010

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