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"Party like a Fireman" is a quote from "The Wrestler" a movie made in 2008 starring Mickey Rourke. Here is what is happening: There is a famous wrestler. After 10 years, he's (kind of) retired. A (fan)girl of his asks if he wants to party. He asks "How do you want to party?" She says "Let's party like a fireman!" Then, you see him and her, in the bathroom, humping fast, standing up.
Let's Party like a Fireman!
by ds777fighter March 27, 2010
Commonly seen as a middle name, a swag name is used in the spot of a middle name, using a nickname or (a) word(s) relating to the person. Usually found on Facebook.
His actual name is Phil Smith, but his Swag Name name is Phil Furrealz Smith.
by ds777fighter March 16, 2011
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