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Yell this at someone of any nationality and they will take it as racist.

Warning: Use with caution
Me: "You fucking whoreican!"
Stereotype of some nationality: "Are you calling ______s whores?" followed by actions which conform to the individual's nationality's stereotype.
Is same as frats, but this has a z.
If you type fratz instead of frats, your cool factor will go up 1029387 points!!11
To hinder or obstruct with thick or sticky matter; choke up.
Frank: "Man, I had some wild sex with Susy Q for 3 hours, then after a few orgasms I decided to take a leak--and god damn I got some bad split piss from all the clogging."
Paul: "You moron, everyone knows you have to sit down when you piss after ejaculation!"
A fun word to call fat assholes who gave their soul to a frat in hopes of friendship.
Me: "Raphael you're such a fratass!"
Raphael: "The Omega-mega-mega's accept me, who accepts you?"
Me: "Ur mom!"
1. One of the bony, permanent, hollow paired growths, often curved and pointed, that project from the upper part of the head of certain mammals, as cattle, sheep, goats, or antelopes.

2. A synonym for penis, named after the similarities to the first definition. Both are hard, permanent, curved and pointed.

3. An instrument for making a noticeable sound, often used on vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.

4. A trumpet.

5. A symbol of power or strength.
Bob: "I saw his huge animal with horns on the road, so I instinctively honked on the horn while putting some pressure on the breaks. I stopped a few inches short of it--the bastard didn't move the whole time--and hopped out to lecture it on road safety. It looked so cute that I whipped out my horn and began making anal love to it, while I belched out some notes from a horn I always carry around with me--yeah, I'm kinky like dat!

Jim: Dude... you are the greatest horn in history!
When she tells you she was faking it.
Suzie Q: "I have been faking it for years."
John Doe: "Unfortunate..."
Leftist Deviant hippeh!
Well L met D at the prom and they were together for years before they married, and became a unit (LD). Well LD had a baby, S. The new family, LSD, had a wonderful life of hallucinations and gobbilty gook of that bag. S grows up and gets a girlfriend, it. He decides to move over to her place, and so we're left with LD, S, and it. Well S and it get a lot of unprotected ficky ficky on and have a baby, h. This baby turns S and it's lives into just what the new name implies, 'Shit' (letters together because they had to get married and become a unit of their own, abortion and adoption and single parenthood out of the question!). After 3 months of dealing with a screaming child (she would say she has two of them) following painful childbirth, it gives up on life and kills herself. S knows he can't take care of a child on his own (in fact, he pretty much left all the 'parenting' to it while she was still alive) and decides to leave town, dumping the baby on his parental letters. What's left is LDh.

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