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A cliche vampire romance series written by Stephanie Meyers. Quite possibly the ONLY series to capture the obsession of millions of jittery teenage girls, despite its horrible writing, originality, and several cliches.

The series contains a mary-sue heroine, bella, and a classic prince charming (also vampire), edward cullen. They fall hopelessly and endlessly in love and would cut their wrists and bleed for each other. The saga goes through the hardships of these two characters, albeit their problems are a bit interesting, it's still plainly written.

Fanfictions of Twilight are better than what the book is actually about, because the book already covers the most basic, unoriginal, terrible plots that anyone could use.
Person 1: Hey check it out, I just bought Twilight.

Person 2: Dude you could've saved yourself like 15$ and just read one of the fanfictions online. It's free AND it's better written than that shit.

Person 1: Fuck! Guess I'll just give this to a hobo or something..

Person 2: Trust me, not even a hobo would want to read that. Give it to a 9 year old.
by drunken baron April 24, 2009
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