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Member of the band with the most stress. Spends the entire time terrified that they will get sick and lose their voice. Mocked by the majority of the drumline. Will not eat or sleep until band season is over (anywhere from 3-6 months) and might end up medicated by the time it's over. Cringes when band director comes toward them. When something goes wrong with the tempo, band director will blame it on them. When something goes wrong with ANYTHING, band director will blame it on them. Usually seen with a metronome within a 5 ft radius of them. Hears metronome clicking in their nightmares. Yet they love every single moment of it. Might be nervous about going outside their original section, but comes to love every person in the band and feels as if they know them all personally. If they are nice, band members will love them back, even if they suck at being drum major (aside from few jerks who have never taken a drum major lesson in their life and like to criticize every move the drum major makes)
Band director: "The tempo dragged that time. Don't let that happen"
Drum major: *yeah, with my magical make-the-band-watch-me-skills??*
by drummajorer November 29, 2010
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