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cocaine is fucking good when pure like 1 REAL gram should get u fucked if u sniff a line every 10 min, i think it should be legal
i am just happy i am on coke and not on other shit sometime
by drugdenlsd May 12, 2005
BEST FUCKING DRUG after heroin, really from 750 micrograms u get tripping for like 15 hours, but shit this drug is so hard to exaplin the trip like realy u can do it so many times and still not understand shit , like i recommend this really much
lsd is fucking good trippp
by drugdenlsd May 12, 2005
best drug ever, use it to stop tripping from acid/lsd when trip gets too long , feel better, smoke it is good , inject is fucking good, shit i cant exaplin this is soo good
when u on heroin u become sober and feel fucking good
by drugdenlsd May 12, 2005
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