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anything of very high quality or of extreme greatness.
1 carl: yo ted did you try the marinated roast beef?

ted: aww dude its the chron-don, im getting seconds.

bill: did you check out that loft you were thinking about renting?

amy:dude that loft is the chron-don, i cant wait to move in.
by dru land June 20, 2009
refers to the bad atmosphere you encounter at a gathering.

a gathering or location where more than 2 morons are in attendance
dave: hey how was the party?
sam: dude it was butt plug city.
dave: man im glad i didnt go.
by dru land December 29, 2007
A period of time where you party really hard .... A few days of binge drinking and putting extensive damage and miles on your liver. And that you consumed so much party that its the end of you and you feel like you could die but you keep going! The ender bender of destiny usually an extended holiday weekend
Dude i got into dewey beach, de friday night and have been drinking nonstop since i have the shakes What an epic ender bender weekend... Wanna go to the bar??
by dru land May 27, 2015

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