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of or relating to the vagina;
that which is not the vagina or related in any way to the vagina itself but inexplicably reminds one of the vagina;
having a vagina-like quality;
a superlative appropriate for any occasion
Preston: Hey what say we hit taco bell on the way back to the dorm?

Nimrod: nah. how bout captain dave's seafood.

Preston: Not that place is totally vagalistic.
by drpoonandtheteenangels July 24, 2009
the process of sexing up a hottie then fleeing the scene never to be heard from again
distinguish from "a keeper"
Dudely dude: dude who was the hottie i saw you with last night?
Duder: oh dude that was shirley. bitch put the pussy on me last night
Dudely dude: keeper?
Duder: negative. tag and release.
Dudely dude: excellant
by drpoonandtheteenangels June 28, 2009
one whose doucheness is so ingrained or inherent to his existence that it travels everywhere with him;

the very person who is so totally douched up
Mr Dude: Fuck, here comes Nelson. I can't stand that idiot.
Uncle Dude: Dude is a portable douche kit.
Mr Dude: Thats refreshing.
by drpoonandtheteenangels July 23, 2009
term common among Catholic priest and used to describe the process of sodomizing a young acolyte as an initiation into the service of the priest and (and this is a purely incidental benefit) for the base sexual gratification of the priest.

the process of altering a young boys future by initiating him into homo-erotic behavior

what your uncle did to your cousin
Aunt Tittie: Cousin Johnny sure is an odd young man. He has so many nervous tics and habits.

Aunt Vaggie: What a shame and after Father Dicklicker spent soooo much time with him.

Aunt Tittie (light bulb above her head): Oh my, do you think Fr. Dicklicker was altering the boy?
by drpoonandtheteenangels August 27, 2009
the Zen-like state of mind when one may freely and with neither shame nor pride claim authorship of each and every gaseous release from ones ass
Old uncle dudely: catch that one you young whipper snapper and paint it green.

Young nephew duder: dude that is devastating. i am stupified not only by it's gnarly scent but by your anal openness.

Old uncle dudely: years in india my boy. years in india.
by drpoonandtheteenangels November 18, 2009
the one and only certain way to secure the attention, and, in turn, the services of a bitch in vegas

the act of removing your cash load from your left front pocket so the stripper/hooker/casino fly next to you will catch just enough of a glimpse to cause a small amount of blood to rush into her vagina thus jump starting the process which culminates 15 minutes later with standing up rooftop hotel sex
Rathe: Oh shit, Campo's reaching for his loot. He's gonna money whip that bitch.

Rocky: Is that teen spirit that I smell?
by drpoonandtheteenangels November 21, 2009
it's your penis dumb ass

your slick ass uncle who is always trying to bust it up on junior bitches

any teacher that you ever had
Cousin 1: What is mr dickster doing at the high school football game? dude doesn't even have kids.

Cousin 2: fucjer is hunting cheerleaders.

Cousin 1: nice.
by drpoonandtheteenangels August 28, 2009

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