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it looks like boobs,boobies,hoo hoos, jugs, mamary glands, breasts, or whatever you like to call them
dude look at her nice ( . ) ( . )
by Droog November 28, 2003
nadsat for girl
Alex: " They were about to preform a little of the ol in-out in-out on a weeping young devotchka they had there"
by Droog November 29, 2003
the best punk band
what song shall we listen too droogs get addicted, viva la revolution, chinesse takeaway or sound of music
by Droog November 01, 2003
one of the best damn movies ever
o, my brother, stop slooshing the sounds of Ludwig van and turn on the tele for a bit of the ol clockwork orange
by Droog November 01, 2003
slang for Leila - a dark haired beauty. There is only one known leelee in exsistance.
sup leelee!
by Droog March 09, 2004
A combination of the words chafing and shafting; describing the effect upon the genitalia of vigourous sex without sufficient lubrication.
After a hard nights chafting we were both in dire need of unguent.
by Droog January 27, 2005
A kid who thinks he is the shit bomb diggity but in reality is generally hated by everyone due to his over inflated ego. However he remains unaware on this general consensus. see also Droog
Dude bro don't become a gerg namder on me.
by droog April 15, 2003
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