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10 definitions by drm310

The act of evicting tenants from their rental houses and apartments by greedy landlords who announce huge renovation plans that require the emptying of units to be renovated. Once out, the tenants are not allowed to renew their leases until they agree to huge rent increases, sometimes double what they paid before.

This is a portmanteau word, a combination of renovation + eviction, invented by Heather Pawsey of Vancouver, Canada.
We got a renoviction notice today from the new building owner... they're going to divide the living room to make a new bedroom and replace the kitchen cabinets. We'll have to move out, but we're welcome to come back at double the rent.
by drm310 November 18, 2008
A tall person sitting in front of you at a movie theatre who leans in the same direction while you attempt to look around them.

Possibly a sniglet invented by comedian Rich Hall.
I didn't see half the movie last night because some stupid Eiffelite kept blocking my view.
by drm310 July 16, 2009
The frozen result of accidently leaving a drink or other liquid in your car overnight when the temperature is below freezing.
I found an oopsicle in my car this morning. Turns out I left half a cup of coffee in my drink holder.
by drm310 January 28, 2009
An avalanche of paper caused by disturbing a pile of newspapers and/or magazines stacked too high.
I got buried in a paperlanche when I tried to get the Sunday paper from the bottom of the pile.
by drm310 January 27, 2009
The "you are here" stick-figure symbol on a mallmanac, showing your current position in a shopping mall.
The heroglyph says we're just a few stores down from the jewellery store.
by drm310 January 07, 2012
A shopping mall directory, appearing like a giant maze with blocks and numbers on it.

Possibly a sniglet invented by comedian Rich Hall.
I can't find the shoe store. Let me look at the mallmanac.
by drm310 January 05, 2012
Being able to drive and refold a road map at the same time.

Almost certainly a sniglet invented by comedian Rich Hall.
You can drive a stick shift and fold a map all at once? Wow, you are really accordianated!
by drm310 February 20, 2009