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An irritating, self-indulgent fuck.
"Hi, I'm Eddie Ginn and I'm convinced that I am God. Would you like to buy some of my wares? I got them off the back of a lorry."
by driving_in_my_car May 06, 2005
A bunch of vacuous, self-important, anti-social cunts who, because of their refusal (read: inability) to interact with anyone in their own year group, have broken away and formed a tragically un-hip and un-happening little clique. Very reclusive and potentially dangerous. Their homophobic, racist and quasi-fascist adherences are particularly offensive (or hilarious, depending on how you look at it).
"So, where are we going to go after we finish our lunch?"

"I dunno...maybe study."

"How about the library? I hear the Mafia are wallowing in their own patheticness for the fifth time this week."
by driving_in_my_car May 06, 2005

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