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Annoyingly long stretch of road when travelling from Maine to your final vacation destination of Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island.
3 hours of driving through this boring place (new brunswick) and we'll finally be in Charlottetown. Hope East Saint John doesn't smell too bad today.
by drichardhalifax September 02, 2007
New name of Canada's west coast city. They make Detroit look somewhat decent.
Did you see that rioting after game 7 of the Stanley Cup? Vanloser Savages.
by drichardhalifax June 18, 2011
Tragic Waste of Payroll. In a business, the empty suit, the person that contributes nothing to the firm and this firm would probably function much better if he/she were gone.
Does anyone know what Jim does in the company? If he were let go tomorrow, no one would notice I swear. A real TWOP.
by drichardhalifax November 25, 2011
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