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2 definitions by drewbatooba

Dirty slang for masturbate.

Made popular by the feature film, Whipped.
Vince - "hey Chad, me and the bro's are gonna bro out, you in?"
Chad - "Nahhhh broheim, gonna sturb for a few hours."
by Drewbatooba June 12, 2008
Getting a headshot with a sniper rifle without using the scope/zoom.

The most prestigious way to no scope an opponent is while using a Scout in counterstrike.
-Bonus points for jumping while noscoping. -Extra points for doing it across the map. -Pro status if noobs say you hack.
1337Gamer - "f, I just got no scoped"
Counterstrike announcer - "HUMILIATION"
by drewbatooba April 29, 2009