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ok. so you've heard of fuck buddies right? just friends who do each other from time to time
ok, so hear me out, i got a sweet idea for all those religious chicks
see i was pondering this while playing WoW with c dav earlier, and remembered a girl telling me she wanted to save herself for marriage. so i thought, what about BEAT buddies?
see, just a guy and girl friend who 'bate to each other. that way, it breaks no virginal code, cause there's no penetration
Guy A: Hey man, Alexandra wants to save herself for marriage.. now we can't be fuck buddies.
Guy B: Well dude, you can still have fun and save her virginity too: just become Beat Buddies
Guy C: That's right, if you play it out right, you could become all-tim 'Bate Dates
by drew s June 15, 2006
basically one of the greatest words ever. Also used as an extreme yet hilarious insult.
c-dav: humps the wall
drew: dude stfu you jacktard
by drew s January 01, 2005
I believe the origin of this word have been around since before my time. However, It was brought to my attention one tday that this was still a word. The word was said by none other than Mr. Reppert, while at my house. He recognized the fact that Binks had eye poop...in his eye.
EWWW. Binks still has eye poop.
by drew s April 03, 2005

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