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2 definitions by dressedinleather


1. between underwhelming and overwhelming; just right; the perfect consistency.

2. average; in the middle.

3. mediocre
Goldilocks tasted little bear's porridge and it was whelming.

Want to come over? Two hours would be whelming.
by dressedinleather March 30, 2009
7 2

1. To berate, tell off or criticize in an immature way.

2. To criticize someone for doing something you do; criticize hypocritically.
Jake gave me a serious toggering for going on facebook when my essay was due in three hours, but he does it all the time.

She toggers me all the time. She'll get angry about the dumbest stuff, and always wants to tell me what I should be doing.
by dressedinleather June 01, 2009
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