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A really cool guy.. Kind, considerate and always cheerful..thinks of others before himself.. Usually not overly tall..Handsome little devil ;-)
by dreggsy April 08, 2003
A lovely little lady who enjoys the odd game of bball...but not outdone by her tennis ability...wipes andre off the court..watch out stefi.. Friendliest person who always wears her smile for the public..Laughs like there is no tommoro :-P Loved by all and will never be forgotten..
Example... There is only one C-T GARNER!! Gooo textbook
by dreggsy April 08, 2003
Someone who abides by the beloved textbook 24/7..All actions within sporting areas are straight from the textbook... Little unorthadox but getz the job done..
c-t garner has been referred to as 'textbook' for some reason or another
by dreggsy April 08, 2003
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