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a girl who is hot enough to fuck while shes still wearing her boots.
"Id fuck her in boots."
by DreamsL0ST January 27, 2005
term used to describe a dog who is fat and large enough for a hobbit to ride.
"Belle is a hobbit pony."
by DreamsL0ST January 22, 2005
a new word to combine psychology, sociology, anthropology into one word.
The new field covering all social sciences is Socioanthropsychapology.
by DreamsL0ST February 03, 2009
term used to call someone who is obsessed with pizza and in denial about their homosexuality.
"Joe is quite the homosexual pizza."
by DreamsL0ST January 22, 2005
A russian person who is unnaturaly talented in a specified area.
"Vadim drinks so much, he is the Russian Fury."
by DreamsL0ST January 22, 2005
Blue Meanie is a slang term for 10mg of adderall, which are blue.
"Hey Matt, do you have any blue meanies?"
by DreamsL0ST January 22, 2005
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