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A small replica of prehistoric Stonehenge built using Jenga blocks.
Hey, let's get the Jenga out and build Jengahenge.
by dreamingwombat January 20, 2011
Dancing elaborate moves to great music whilst hanging washing, ironing, or cleaning in an attempt to make mundane chores more exciting.
I was cleaning my surfaces and had the radio on, suddenly this great track came on, I started dancing an amazing sequence of moves - it was definitely chore-eography.
by dreamingwombat September 29, 2010
What a two year old calls the marks on the surface of a CD or DVD that are made when they first learn how to load this technology into the player. These cheeky little sticky critters cause havoc with the music/film.
"Oh no! I've put finger monkeys on."
by dreamingwombat February 03, 2010

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