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A man that sticks his penis in a woman (or in a man whichever you prefer) and instantly has an orgasm.
Man - "Okay it's in -- Done!"

Woman - "What?! You just put it in!"

Man - "What can I say? I'm a stick-it man."
by dre38w February 05, 2010
Used to point out something or someone that is either far away or at an inconvenient distance.
-Let's go to Burger King.
-Burger King?! That's way the shit over there!
by dre38w November 23, 2008
Being optimistic but in a realistic way. Being realistic about outlandish and idiotic goals.
Moron - "Dude, we should take over the world and make it mandatory for everyone to eat babies for breakfast."

Optirealist - "What are you a moron? That's stupid."

Moron - "Hey I can dream can't I?

Optirealist - "No you can't! Be optirealistic!"
by dre38w April 02, 2010
Get Took is used when you claim victory over someone who has challenged you.
Bystander - Damn! He just beat the shit outta him!

Challenge Winner - Yeah bitch! Get Took!!
by dre38w June 19, 2008
In terms of gaming - A Double O is a gamer that isn't clasified as a n00b in terms of skill yet acts like a n00b.
Pro Gamer 1 - Yo! Stop shooting me! I'm on your team!

Pro Gamer 2 - There was no one else around to kill so I killed you! Ha Ha!

Pro Gamer 1 - Stop being a Double O!
by dre38w June 19, 2008
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