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Acronym for Locals Only No Outsiders, often found amongst tight circles who wish to keep losers from infilitrating good parties, surf spots, 420 sessions, all types of gatherings, etc
Yo, this party tonight is L.O.N.O. ... so none of ya'll comin in... expect for yo ladies... they's welcomed.
by drdankness December 20, 2006
definitely ONLY a term used by bennies... trash leaving, traffic jamming, loud, seaside-tony, not-LONO, bennies.
people who live here dont run around saying "we're going to the shore today." we already live there... so we go the BEACH.
i hate bennies.
Hey did you hear them dumb bennies say they're "going to the jersey shore today"?
by drdankness December 16, 2006
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