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2 definitions by drama_addict

Often shouted in a public place (party, bus, etc) when couples are together. People who do not have significant others will shout this to keep themselves occupied. The couples must then raise their hands to show that they were not doing anything other than cuddling. It doesn't work. Trust me.
*Mo and Flo are at a party, hugging*
Joe: Yo, Mo and Flo! Hand check!
*Mo stops fingering Flo. Both raise hands into air*
Mo: See? We weren't doin' nothing!
by drama_addict December 26, 2005
1. The source of a woman's power
2. The clasp of a necklace, used to embarass people over something that's not embarassing at all.
1. Don't worry, he'll do it. I have boobs.
2. Hey, your boob is showing!
by drama_addict May 28, 2006