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Another way of saying kill or murder.
Yo, lets wax that motherfucker.
by Drake July 14, 2004
A long, tall, handsome guy with black overalls, a purple shirt, and a yellow upside-down L in a white circle on his purple hat. He has a pinkish nose and pointy ears. He also has blue lines under both of his eyes. He has a long, thin, black mustache, and brown hair. Brother to Wario and childhood friend of Luigi. However, Luigi picked on him, so he became evil, pretty much like the Mario/Wario story. He appears in most multiplayer games starting from Mario Tennis 64, but also appears in Game & Watch Gallery 4. He likes Bob-Ombs and Piranha Plants, and has his own island. He and Wario are constantly trying different ways to get rich.
That guy in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with the "Weheheh" laugh.
by Drake December 24, 2003
'50s version of what dude is now. Today it is barely known and lies almost completely forgotten amongst all the other odd words thought up, used and then thrown away and only used by weird people that can't let go.
Guy 1: He's beep-boppin' and skatin' and I'm loosing it!!!

Guy 2: Stay cool daddio.
by Drake November 12, 2005
The most amazing band ever. Consisting of 20 something members playing nearly every instrument known to man (including the thermin!).
Large group of loud people
by Drake May 05, 2005
A drug lord that takes any kinds of drugs.Runs around in full bronze carrying a pot of marijuana
Omg his a souji! He smokes weed daily!
by Drake January 11, 2005
A coward who always says he's undefeated in RuneScape. Many people have proven him wrong by dueling and killing him. When he is challenged, he always shows up late. He is scared of people with a higher Prayer level.

Hails from www.gamefaqs.com .
"God, noobs. One more chance to back out of this or I'll own you." - Liquidus
by Drake January 12, 2005
The best website in the world, about hacking, cracking, music, movies, games and more! www.thenameless.cjb.net
1. Thenameless is the best website in the world.

2. Have you been to thenameless.cjb.net?
by Drake March 20, 2004

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