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a term used to describe a male who hasn't gotten laid in so long that his penis has dried and shriveled up to almost nothing. This person becomes insecure and angry towards the world. He compensates for these feelings by going on power trips and belittling others to make himself feel superior.
Police Officers, asshole managers, republicans,etc.......

Ben(line cook): Hey Dave, I finished all the cleanup and everything looks good, can I go now, my wife is in labor at the hospital.

Dave(manager): Well, that's great but I'm going to need you to detail the fryer machine too......that would be great, thanks.

Ben: You're such a fuckin' piece of dick jerky Dave. I QUIT!!
by dragonzombie October 16, 2009
a person of asian descent who appears as though their creator (god) took his thumbs and smeared their eyes across their face.
Ben: Hey Shayla don't you have that karate tournament this weekend?

Shayla: Sure do, wish me luck!

Ben: You're gonna need it, smear eyes are always better at martial arts than everyone else.

Example 2-
Ben- hey paul what's up bro? You still with that one chick Pjao?

Paul: Ya but i've also been seeing Tyuet Ming on the side.

Ben: You always have been a sucker for the smear eye chicks.
by Dragonzombie October 15, 2009
A term used for a very sexually active male, who, is frequently called upon by women to "pump" them full of "sausage".
Kerry: So did you hear that Shayla, Ben, and Emily had a threesome.

Carl: No, that's pretty bad ass!

Kerry: Ya and from what i hear from the other girls Ben's quite the sausage pump.
by dragonzombie October 15, 2009
a word describing any number of songs(usually pop) that either bash men, talk about how great women are, or talk about girl on girl action.( they are usually horrible songs to people with weiners, and all the rage to people with a clitoris)
-katy perry, " I kissed a girl and i liked it"
-lady gaga, " Poker face"
-Britney Spears, "womanizer"

Ben: Hey Adam, what is all that crap you have on your i-pod?

Adam: Oh just some Britney, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, and Katey Perry shit.

Ben: What are you gay? Those are all clit jams bro
by dragonzombie October 15, 2009

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