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1.Reproductive fluid and sperm from a human male that is usually swallowed in small slow slurps.

2.Slang for sperm.


I. I lapped up his warm delicious man-milk

II. Yeah you like the man-milk don't ya, drink it all up, yeaaahhhh.
by Dragonneus April 22, 2008
Sexual accessories such as the dildo, vibrator, benoit balls, swing, whip, leather zipper mask, whipped cream bottle, empty wine bottle etc.
I just found out my girlfriend is a part time dom. I looked in her closet to find all kinds of crazy accSEXories!
by dragonneus November 30, 2011
Pronounced (Skin-if-O-lis)

1-A word used by those of us in the type of work such as tech support to avoid having to go through an explanation on why your asking the customer to comply to your repair instructions, simultaneously being a retort of frustration.

-A made up skin disease
Customer: Why do I have to do all these steps, it should just work!

Tech: Skinifolis!

Customer: huh?

Tech: Sir, have you cleaned out your skinifolis folder this month?

Customer: no why should I have been doing that?

Tech: Yes sir that has to be done at least once a month so everything runs as it should, here let me show you how.

Tech: Just drag that folder that says system32 into the trash, now empty trash. There you should be all set!
by dragonneus November 30, 2011
A humorous way of mixing the word genitals and gentlemen when speaking of and to fellow men.

Good evening genitalmen how doth it hang this fine day?
Genitalmen how are you today. I see by your constant tugging on you privates something is amiss!
by dragonneus December 07, 2011
Some one that is so obsessed with Boba Fett that they have every single thing that has ever been made with the likeness or image of Boba Fett from the Star Wars universe. This even includes underwear, dixie cups, used tissues and half eaten now petrified Boba Fett snack cakes. This also covers naming your pets, children or private body parts after Boba Fett.
Man did you see his room? Every inch of his office has Boba Fett stuff. I mean there had to be over 100,000 different Fett things in there. He is a true Fettophile!

He is such a Fettophile he named his weenie Boba.
by dragonneus December 07, 2011
neglect of the great green herb by either dropping it on the floor or throwing away a good roach.

General waste of the great herb of life.
Yo man whats with Sammy. He toss half a J away like it was pulled from his ass. That's some serious weedglect.
by dragonneus May 17, 2013

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