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22 definitions by dragonlordals

1. A fat florist with a woman's head and a sumo wrestler's body; particularly one that loves his cock.
2. A fat florist that sings with a church choir full of black cats.

Origin: www.rathergood.com
1. I went to the Sumo Florist to buy some flowers.
2. The Sumo Florist sang about his cock.
by DragonlordALS May 18, 2004
9 2
The angle of the trajectory of pickle fluids when a is squished.
The pickle squirted at 38.256° above the horizontal.
by DragonlordALS May 28, 2004
36 30
Any un-named object; a thing. Usually used in a sentence that contains two un-named things.
Hand me that frob on the thing over there.
by DragonlordALS May 18, 2004
23 18
1. More than one blarrg.
2. Less that one blarrg.
1. Look at the invisible blarrgs over there!
2. There are no blarrgs over there!
by DragonlordALS June 07, 2004
4 0
Error 404, after an upgrade.
Error 405: This Windows is a piece of shit.
by DragonlordALS May 25, 2004
12 15
A creature with definitively non-descript features. Larger than a llama and slightly smaller than a frog, blarrgs are very good at not being good at anything.
It is said that blarrgs exist simply to prove that they cannot possibly exist.
by DragonlordALS June 07, 2004
5 10
Faking the funk!!!!!!!
Yo! You be frontin?
by DragonlordALS September 20, 2004
12 21