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22 definitions by dragonlordals

A sexual position used between a male human and a female animal, usually at a large drop (cliff, porthole, etc); considered to be extremely pleasurable for the human, as the animal usually pushes back harder that way.
Unfortunately, position 97 often results in the animal eventually being pushed over, and then dying because the IV bag was full of oats. That's what you get for having sex with a four-year-old donkey
by DragonlordALS January 11, 2006
An endless hole with no bottom.
When you fall into a bottomless pit, you die of starvation
by DragonlordALS June 15, 2004
An effect, usually brought on by exaustion, alcohol, or a few of the more illegal drugs, which cause a person's eyes to focus on nonexistant points. The resulting effect is that they see two of everything.
After drinking a six-pack and then attempting to reconstruct the string theory, Atom was seeing double.
by DragonlordALS June 13, 2004
1. A crazy-looking rat-like thing that sings.
2. The Quizno's Subs mascot.
3. An individual who likes the moon.
1. I recentally when to the Spong Monkey's concert. It was incredable!
2. The Song Monkeys like tha subs, cuase they a dolla off!
3. MY friend, who is a real Spong Monkey, likes to stare at the moon for hours on end.
by DragonlordALS May 18, 2004
The number directly after twenty one and directly before 27
two and hief.
Twenty one
Twenty Seven Hief

by DragonlordALS May 19, 2004
A phrase meaning any of the following:
1. Who?
2. What?
3. Where?
4. When?
5. Why?
6. How?
1. Moo?
2. Moo?
3. Moo?
4. Moo?
5. Moo?
6. Moo?
by DragonlordALS May 19, 2004
1. A fat florist with a woman's head and a sumo wrestler's body; particularly one that loves his cock.
2. A fat florist that sings with a church choir full of black cats.

Origin: www.rathergood.com
1. I went to the Sumo Florist to buy some flowers.
2. The Sumo Florist sang about his cock.
by DragonlordALS May 18, 2004