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A couple of guys who witnessed a very horrible 3 car pileup and wanted to use their new slang word they had made up themselves recently.
Guy 1: Did you see that car accident on the way home from school?

Guy 2: Ya, it was impossible to miss even if the bus driver tried to drive around the back way.

Guy 1: I know I thought I was going to harfenugen.

Guy 2: Are you serious? I did harfenugen when I got home just telling my mom what happened.

Guy 1: Serious............? I told my mom and wow there was throw up everywhere, she upchucked all over the place.

Guy 2: You mean she harfenugened?

Guy 1: Yah....
#accident #harfenugen #serious #gross #barbaric #pileup #recently #school #upchucked #throw up
by dragongirl702 May 17, 2009
The day I celebrate being one year older.
So many friends and family no longer have this small luxury that I feel blessed each and every year that I have another birthday.
#birthday #sex #joy #blessing #vagina
by dragongirl702 January 16, 2009
When parents are trying to understand each others point of view.

When people are at an impass as to what what they are discussing or unwilling to give ground about the others point of view.
I know that I am right about little Joey not wanting to move.

No I disagree, he does want to move and make new friends.

Excuse me but all his friends are at the old school and he told me with a tear in his eye that he doesn't want to move.

How about we both agree to disagree for the time being
#discuss #argue #agree #disagree #whatever
by dragongirl702 May 16, 2009
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