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1 definition by dragon ball zzzzzzzzz

wanna be rude bois chat shit bout tings lyke gals giv dem head nd shit but if dey eva got in truble at skool dey cry 2 dere mommys. they allways go out wiv younger gals coz no 1 der age will go out wiv dem. dey try to copy rude boi style by warein fake "gold" i.e tinfoil jewllery!!! lol also dey carry condoms round all times but wots tha point tha only time dey will eva get used is 2 suk of der bezzzi m8 i.e sexual batty boi example uuuuuuuu im out
will and jason and jonny and fat lee
by dragon ball zzzzzzzzz January 04, 2005
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