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Faux emo or fake emo

Someone who pretends that they are emo, but really aren't. they are just doing it to get attention
Person 1: "Woah, check out Cooper, he is being such a femo."
Person 2:"I know, what a loser"
#emo #goth #loser #punk #fasian
by Draconia October 16, 2008
faux asian or fake asian

Someone who pretends to be asian, but really isn't. Usually an asian obsessed person
Person 1: "Why is jenny being such a fasian?"
Person 2: "I dunno, first she starts claiming she's from asia, then she got that hair cut like them asian girls do."
#femo #asian #faux #fake #obsession
by Draconia October 16, 2008
Coolest town in Massachusetts! Where the rich white people live. Coolest place to live, best peeps to meet. Everyone loves this place. Style is made here
This is the real place to live; the coolest town around. The one and only Chestnut HILL
#chestnut hill #chestnuthill #newton #brookline #dedham
by draconia June 14, 2006
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